Monday, March 13, 2017

New Book Release: Fun Family Reunion Ideas Jokes Quotes & Rhymes

What's Full of Family Jokes, Quotes, and Rhymes with a Family Reunion Planning Checklist? Announcing the release of a new book featuring Grandparents Say The Darndest ThingsYou Know You're Getting Old When..., and easy speedy reunion planning guide.

"Fun Family Reunion Ideas Jokes Quotes & Rhymes" 

by Mark Askew is free on Kindle Unlimited at

A reunion planning guide that's a compilation of funny family quotes, jokes, poems and rhymes along with reunion activity ideas to help you jumpstart your family reunion planning. Kick off your family reunion planning with this hilarious book. Includes: How To Speed Plan Your Family Reunion Event and use the Family Reunion Checklist, reminders and website building features. Written by author/event planner Mark Angelo Askew

Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Book Release: Inspirational Quotes Happiness and Smiles

New Book Release: 

Inspirational Quotes Happiness and Smiles

150 original motivating thoughts and inspiring quotes about life, business, family, and friendship not found anywhere else. Includes: Happiness Is - At The End Of The Day - When All Is Said And Done - The Gift of Family - The Miracle Of Smiles, and more by Mark Angelo Askew.

 Inspirational Quotes Happiness and Smiles

Grab a cup of happiness giggles and smiles. Free book of inspirational quotes at with KindleUnlimited.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

How To Plan A Baby Shower

It was in the 80's when I attended my first baby shower. I was working at an elementary school. My wife was pregnant with our first soon-to-be-born bouncing baby boy. The teachers at the school called me into the room asking and then, Surprise! I was stunned, overwhelmed, and greatly appreciative of this unexpected and touching expression of love.

Brenda and I have attended scores of baby showers and she has planned many of them. So I asked her what planning elements go into a successful and memorable event. Here are a few do's and don'ts:



Draw up a guest list.

Determine the gender of the baby if the parents know.

Mention gift registry on invitation.

Play games in good taste.

Invite grandad, dad and guy pals.


Don't make up a guest list on your own.
Consult with the guest of honor or very close friend/family member.

Don't insist on know baby's gender if the parent prefers not to.

Don't propose a gift registry without approval from the guest of honor.

Don't overlook the men in the family.
For more tips on planning a babyshower consult the event planning guide "12 Best Life Ever Party Planners and keepsake Guide Book"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How To Plan The Best Parties Ever

12 Best Live Ever Party and Event Planners Keepsake Guidebook
12 Best Life Ever Party and Event Planners Keepsake Guidebook
Author Mark Angelo Askew and the Fimark company have published a new keepsake event planning guide.   A family, community, and corporate event planning guide.

How to plan the best party ever? That's the big question. The answer. Read the book! That right. The key to planning the best party ever is the combination of education and experience. Both of these valuable skills are found in the best party planning guides in the market. And there's no substitute for experience. That said, make good use of the premier new party planning guide written by Mark Angelo Askew and Brenda Marie. It's loaded with 30 years of experience planning events big and small. The best thing about the book is its simplicity and ease. So what's in the book? Here's a sneak peek and some tips to help you plan the best party ever.

What's the meaning behind the title of the party planner guidebook?

Mark - The full title Fimark's 12 Best Life Ever Party and Event Planner is designed to inspire us to  make the most of those milestone moments in the life of a growing family. That said, the party planner is organized to walk through life's celebrations from anniversaries to baby showers, preteen and teen parties, as well as graduation, welcome home, reunions and retirement parties. But the planner also covers large group events like cruises, festivals, and fairs. It's wonderful that life always gives us something good to celebrate.Helping our loved ones experience life at it's best.

What are some practical tools found in the Best Life party planner?

Mark - The timeline planner and event checklists are our trademark prime feature. In addition, there are the departmental worksheets and the Itinerary worksheet,  These help the planner to organize and manage the affair. The meals, menu and recipe organizer for folks who will cook or cater. But there are other features unique to this book.

What makes The Best Life party planner unique? 

Mark - The features that distinguish this event planner over others is the keepsake features. These include the journal for recording everything from brainstorming activity ideas to experiences while planning, tips and resources and new things learned.  Another unique feature is the party area inspection checklist. This helps the host/hostess ascertain that everything is up and running and those little touches have not been overlooked. In addition, there are plenty of decoration tips to help inspire creative ideas to make the event more personable for the guest(s) of honor.

What events are covered in this event guide? 

Mark - While the book covers 12 events it can be used for many others in the family, community and on the corporate level events. For example, the party planner is organized to walk through life's celebrations from Anniversaries to baby showers, preteen and teen parties, as well as graduation, welcome home, reunions and retirement parties. But they also cover large group events like cruises, festivals, and fairs.

Are there any tips or suggestions you would like to share to help readers make the most of the Best Life event planning guide?

Mark - Yes...

1. If you're using the printed version, use colored pencils to underline applicable tips or a highlighter to mark passages you intend to use as well as action items.

2. There is plenty of space for note taking and adding clippings. Use a pencil for notes and start the journal as soon as you get your hands on the keepsake planner.

3. If you're using the e-book version in PDF format make use of the note taking tools provided.

4. Also keep in mind that the PDF version enables you to print out the worksheets for distribution.

5. A companion spreadsheet planner and web app will be available this month as well. The PDF version will link to the online access page.

Fimark's 12 Best Life Ever Party and Event Planners keepsake and guidebook is now available for purchase at Walmart Stores, and Barnes and Noble online stores.

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